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Northgate Dog Park

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  1. Benches
  2. Kiosks
  3. Parking Lot
  4. Waste Bag Dispenser
  5. Water Access

Northgate Dog Park Closed November 13-18 for Tree Removal at Ellerbee Creek Trail 

The recently-repaved Ellerbee Creek Trail at Northgate Park is experiencing damage and cracking due to nearby trees. To repair the trail and keep it safe for users, 2-3 trees will be removed from the vicinity. 

This work will occur November 13-18. During this time, the trail (W Murray Avenue to W Lavender Avenue), dog park, and surrounding area will be closed to ensure safety of residents, pets, and tree crews. 

Northgate Dog Park

The condition of Northgate Dog Park has deteriorated due to its location in a flood plain, high use, and poor drainage. After researching options to address these issues, it was determined that an alternative dog park in Northern Durham be developed at Rock Quarry Park. Once the dog park at Rock Quarry Park opens, Northgate Dog Park will be converted into a play meadow (open recreational space).

Northgate Dog Park (located on the north side of Northgate Park, off of Lavender Avenue) features 2 enclosed areas - one for small dogs and one for large dogs, water fountains, waste bag dispensers, benches and a kiosk.

Small Dog Area

  • 15 inches or smaller
  • 30 pounds and under

Large Dog Area

  • 15 inches and taller
  • 30 pounds and over

Dog Park Registration

All dogs must be registered with DPR annually. Visit the Canine Recreation page for details on how to register your pup!