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CCB Plaza

About the CCB Plaza

Durham Parks and Recreation invites the community to enjoy the CCB outdoor plaza nestled in the heart of downtown Durham. The CCB Plaza is located at the corner of Corcoran and Parrish Streets in downtown Durham - home of Major, the big bronze bull. This plaza is centrally located, to provide easy access to the surrounding communities for people to enjoy after work socials or weekend events.


The CCB Plaza is currently available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please check back soon for details on when we will be accepting reservations.

Rental Times

  • Sunday through Saturday
  • 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight)
Security Deposit
Events without alcohol
Events with alcohol

Rental Fees (CR: City Resident / NCR: Non-City Resident)
Monday - Sunday and Holidays (per hour, minimum of 4 hours)
CR: $10 / NCR: $15

Additional Fees
Rental Application Fees (non-refundable)
Alcohol Application Fees (required if serving alcohol)
Admissions / Ticket Sales

Fee Procedures

  1. Once a reservation is made you will have 10 days to pay the security deposit and application fee.
  2. All fees are due 30 days in advance of the rental. 
  3. All fees must be paid in full at the time of the request for any reservation that is requested and approved less than 30 days prior to the event. Approval is not guaranteed.   
  4. Rentals charging admission/selling tickets to the event and/or serving alcohol must pay the associated fee(s).
  5. The use fee and deposit will not be refunded for cancellations less than 14 days prior to the requested date of use. Application fees are non-refundable. Cancellations must be submitted in writing.

Rental Procedures

  1. CCB Plaza is available for rental subject to the schedules of pre-existing programs, events, classes, and/or other activities.
  2. We encourage all event planners to request their date in advance, as all applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. DPR reserves the right to deny any application for a rental permit.
  3. A rental permit does not grant exclusive use of the plaza, it gives permission for the permit holder to host an event at the plaza. The permit holder and participants must share the designated area with other users and cannot block public access. Applications for exclusive use for private events will not be permitted (i.e. weddings, birthday parties, etc.).
  4. Street closures and/or utilizing travel lanes for load-in/out are not permitted except when authorized by a Special Event Permit issued by the Durham Police Department.   
  5. Amplified sound is not permitted except when authorized by a Special Event Permit issued by the Durham Police Department. 
  6. Renters may not exceed the maximum capacity at any time during the event. Standing Room Only: 500 persons; Multi-purpose use including a stage setup: 400 persons; Multi-purpose use including vendors with tables/chairs: 300 persons
  7. A five foot pedestrian aisle way for egress must be maintained along the right of way
    around the CCB Plaza.
  8. Renters may request permit changes (i.e. times, estimated attendance, etc.) up to 14
    days prior to requested date. At 14 days prior to rental, information provided will
    become binding; and must be accurate.
  9. The renter must accurately state the times of the event. All set-up, event activities and dismantling must occur during the times stated on the permit.
  10. Renters must provide accurate contact information including: address and day-of contact phone number.
  11. The renter must be at least 21 years of age. There must be one adult age 21 or over, per each 10 minors below the age of 18.
  12. Renter may not sublet the space to another group or individual.
  13. Renters are responsible for the set-up, breakdown and logistical coordination of the event. There is limited access to electricity that must be requested 14 days in advance of the day of your event so that cover panels can be opened to provide access to the outlets on the light poles. The outlets are three prong outlets and can provide 110 amps. You will be required to cover any cords with mats, tape them down with cloth gaffers tape, or place traffic cones across the area the cords run, to avoid tripping hazards. There is no access to water at CCB Plaza.
  14. The City of Durham and other agencies, government or private, may require other permits, security services or equipment for rentals. Acquisition of these extra requirements and needs are the renter’s responsibility and expense.
  • A City of Durham Special Event Permit issued by the Durham Police Department is required for CCB Plaza rentals. The permit system helps assure that the large amount of events that may be taking place on any given day will not conflict with each other and with general visitor activities. The decision to approve or deny a Special Event Permit Application is based on numerous factors, including, but not limited to, the impact the event will have on public safety and emergency services, the overall impact the event will have on business and residential access, and the ability of the organizer to put on a safe and secure event. The City may impose reasonable requirements concerning the time, place and manner of your event. The renter is responsible for compliance with all requirements and information outlined in the City of Durham Special Event Guidelines. These guidelines and the application are available on the Durham Police Department website.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited except when permits to serve such beverages are obtained from Durham Parks and Recreation and/or the State ABC Board. For more information on State ABC permits please visit the ABC website.
  • Security services, if required, will be determined by the Durham Police Department. It is required for all teen events, public dances, events with ticket sales or charging an entrance fee, when serving alcohol and events with over 100 people in attendance. Renters are responsible for contacting Officer Evans of the Durham Police Department to schedule officers. The fee, paid by the renter, is due in cash, to the officer(s) at the beginning of the event. If you have any questions regarding this requirement you may contact Officer Monte Sutherland at (919) 943-7370. In the event of cancellation, it is the renter’s responsibility to cancel security services 3 days prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in the full payment to the security officers at the Police Department’s established rate. The cost for the security is $35 per hour per officer.
  • Insurance may be required. This insurance must show coverage of Commercial General Liability insurance – combined single limit of no less than $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. Events where any alcohol is served, provided, or sold require  Commercial General Liability coverage with a Host Liquor Liability endorsement.  Additionally, events where liquor is served, provided, or sold require Liquor Liability insurance. Certificates of Insurance must list the City of Durham as an additional insured and cover the date of your event. Events providing inflatable’s, fundraising and where food will be sold, are additional examples of when insurance is required. The certificate of insurance must be submitted to our office no later than 21 calendar days prior to your event. If it is not turned in on time you maybe required to alter your event plans and/or cancel the event. If your insurance agent has any questions, please feel free to call the reservationist at (919) 560-4355, ext. 27202.
  • The renter is responsible for making arrangements to ensure proper trash and recycling receptacles are provided at the event, if event trash will not fit in the available receptacles. The renter is also responsible for ensuring the entire event area is clean and free of trash, recycling, animal waste, and other debris during and at the conclusion of the event. If the renter wishes to use receptacles provided by the City, a Cart Request Form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event. Event Coordinators should contact the Solid Waste Department at (919) 560-4186 or visit the City of Durham Special Event Guidelines for more information and to submit a form. 
  • Renters are responsible for providing restroom facilities (i.e. portable toilets) during any rental time longer than two hours. Provisions must meet the minimum industry standards for the size and type of event planned. Please refer to the City of Durham Special Event Guidelines for more information about restroom facility requirements. 
  • Ensure that your event plan includes adequate arrangements for parking. Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the CCB Plaza including during unloading of supplies and any event set-up/break-down. 
  • Contact the ParkDurham Republic Parking System at (919) 680-2481 to make arrangements for event parking at the parking garages. A Special Event Parking Permit from ParkDurham must be obtained in order to close metered on-street parking spaces. To obtain a Special Event Parking Permit, contact ParkDurham at (919) 680-2481 or email ParkDurham.