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Durham Parks and Recreation - Athletic Field Rental Request Form

  1. Athletic Field Rental Request Form

    Please allow at least 5-7 business days for us to address your request.  This inbox is only monitored during normal business hours Monday-Friday, 8 A.M.- 5 P.M.

    Select a park, field, and sport from the options below. If you have any questions please email Durham Parks and Recreation Field Rentals. Please note, this is a request form and does not guarantee a permit for the field you are requesting. A staff member will follow up after receiving your request to confirm availability and review payment process.

  2. Race and Ethnicity - How do you identify? Click all that apply. You may choose more than one*
  3. Please provide the inidividual's address that is making the request. 

  4. Directions
    Please choose one option for each category. For multiple park requests, please submit multiple applications. When selecting "other," please specify in the "details" section. Be sure to submit your rosters along with your request. Lastly, please be sure to differentiate between games (G) and practices (P).
  5. Grass Field Notification*
  6. Bethesda Park
      1. C.M. Herndon
      2. Campus Hills
      3. Cook Road
        1. Cornwallis
        2. Crest Street
        3. East Durham
        4. East End
        5. Elmira
            1. Hillside Park
            2. Holton
            3. Lakeview
            4. Leigh Farm Road
            5. Long Meadow
            6. Lyon Park
            7. Merrick-Moore
            8. Morreene Road
              1. Old Chapel Hill Road
                1. Old Farm Road
                2. Old North Durham
                3. Piney Wood
                    1. Red Maple
                    2. River Forest
                    3. Sherwood
                    4. Solite
                    5. Snow Hill
                    6. Southern Boundaries
                    7. Twin Lakes
                    8. Valley Springs
                    9. Walltown
                    10. W.D. Hill
                    11. Weaver Street
                    12. Whippoorwill
                        1. Wrightwood
                        2. Will you need to setup tents?
                        3. Will you have amplified sound?
                        4. Will you have rides or inflatables?
                        5. Will you be selling food?
                        6. Will there be vendors selling goods other than food?
                        7. Will fees or donations be collected?
                        8. Will you be playing Tackle Football?*
                        9. Will participants be wearing helmets and/or shoulder pads?*
                        10. Will you be placing equipment on the field?*
                          ***If Yes, please list equipment you plan on using on the field in the "Details."
                        11. Is this reservation for a tournament, game or a clinic-based program?*
                        12. If a school, do you need an invoice?
                        13. Please list the name of the month(s)

                        14. Please list the specific day(s) of the week

                        15. Please list the actual dates making sure the dates match the day of week.  

                        16. If requesting different times for different days, please use EX: 3pm-6pm for M,W,Th and 2pm-4pm for Sat. 

                        17. Field Lining*

                          There is a $10 field lining fee per date for grass baseball/softball fields and $10 per week for grass soccer fields.

                        18. *Required if requesting lining* Please indicate requested base length. For example "60 feet."
                        19. Please use this space to provide any additional information that will assist us with your request.  

                        20. Please Check*
                          By checking the box below, I agree that I have read and understand the rules and policies regarding field rentals with Durham Parks and Recreation.
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