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Durham Parks and Recreation Program Proposal Application


  1. 1. General Information
  2. 2. Operation
  3. 3. Budget
  4. 4. Coordinating Staff and Agency Representatives
  5. 5. Qualifications and References
  6. 6. Additional Information
  • General Information

    1. Durham Parks and Recreation Program Proposal Application
      Thank you for your interest in partnering with Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) to provide quality recreational choices for our community. This proposal form is used to determine if and how we can best partner together to provide programs and services. Proposals must be complete and must be received by 5 p.m. on the last day of the month. They will be reviewed by the Recreation Management Team on the third Monday of the following month. Proposals received after this deadline shall not be reviewed until the following rotation.
    2. Overview
      The City of Durham Parks and Recreation Department (DPR) will receive Program Proposals (and supporting information), from individuals/agencies/organizations, wishing to provide Recreational/Instructional Programs.
    3. General Information
      Questions regarding proposal specifications and the process should be directed to Rich Hahn, Sr. Business Manager. Receipt of a Proposal submission in no way constitutes an agreement by DPR to accept any program proposal.
    4. Specifications
      Proposals may offer to provide specific or varied recreational/instructional programs that are consistent with the general nature and mission of DPR’s public recreation offering.
      • Proposals are encouraged, but not limited to the leisure activity areas of youth and adult athletics, wellness and exercise, art instruction, education, personal development, cultural and performing arts, and other related areas that are acceptable as public recreation offerings.
      • Proposals can be similar to or different from current programs offered.
      • Proposals must demonstrate a reasonable price and value for the public recreation offerings.
      • Proposals must not rely solely on DPR to provide financial support. DPR may assist in providing administrative support, including facility scheduling (rental fees to be included in Proposal budget), advertising, conducting registrations, etc. The individual or agency submitting the proposal should be contributing to the project and not relying on the City or program fees to pay all of the expenses.
      • Recreational/Instructional programs must utilize a DPR owned or leased facility.
      • DPR makes no warranty, or guarantee of success, of any recreational/instructional program operated as a result of a partnership made pursuant to this Proposal.
      • DPR will not approve any proposal or a part of any proposal if it is contrary to laws, statutes, ordinances, policies, or procedures of DPR or the City of Durham. It is within the discretion of DPR or the City of Durham to deny proposals that are not in the best interest of the citizens of Durham.
    5. Approval Criteria
      Approval of a Proposal will be based upon consideration of the following:
      • Consistency w/ DPR’s mission and vision – programs outside of our scope, will not be considered Durham Parks and Recreation Department’s Mission Statement: "Play More: Connecting our whole community to wellness, the outdoors, and lifelong learning."
      • Durham Parks and Recreation Department’s Vision Statement: “Durham Parks and Recreation will be Durham’s leading resource for recreational choices to help citizens enjoy life while contributing to their health and well-being.”
      • Accessibility – can any individual regardless of ability, participate in the program.
      • Type and Amount of Sponsorship requested: Sponsored, Co-Sponsored Independently Operated
      • Budget Feasibility: Can the project be completed with available funds? If requesting DPR sponsorship or co-sponsorship is there enough in DPR’s current budget?
      • Budget Structure: Are all parts of the requested budget information complete? Is it logical, coherent, and detailed?
      • Marketing Plan Feasibility and Structure: What avenues are being used to advertise the program? Is the plan logical, coherent, and detailed? Are the marketing materials likely to reach the number of people and target population that are specified in the plan? Does the plan meet City requirements?
      • Affordability: Based on the income characteristics of the target population is the pricing structure comparable to DPR’s approved fee & charges schedule?
      • Professional qualifications: How qualified are the staff that are included in the program proposal?
      • Past Experience: Is there evidence of a high level of experience with past programs? Are there documented past successes?
      • Availability of appropriate facilities? Could the program function at any facility or does it need a specific location/space?
      • Does the program proposed complement vs. compete with existing programming
      • Does the program proposal come from a City of Durham resident or business
      • Letters of recommendations and/or references are provided
      • Interviews or video tapes are provided – if requested.
    6. All submissions must clearly describe the scope of recreational/instructional programs. Include details of your approach and plan. Please explain why your approach and plan would be effective and beneficial to DPR as a public recreation offering.
    7. General Information
      Include information about your agency and the program you are proposing.
    8. City of Durham Address?
    9. Please attach IRS 501c3 determination letter.