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Durham Parks and Recreation - Photography and Videography Usage Permit Request Form

  1. Durham Parks and Recreation - Photography and Videography Permit Request Form

    Durham Parks and Recreation's Photography and Videography Usage Permit is required to be filled out if requesting the use of our parks or trails for photography or videography purposes. Please note, this is a request form and does not guarantee a permit. A staff member will follow up after receiving your request. If you have any questions about this form, please reach out to email DPRInfo.

  2. Durham Parks and Recreation Photo Permit Terms and Conditions Photography/Videography

    1. Patrons should clearly understand that Durham Parks and Recreation in no way endorses any product or service connected with the photography/usage.

    2. If approved, the holder of a permit is liable for any damage to City of Durham park/trails. A permit is nontransferable and must be in your possession on the grounds during shooting/usage.

    3. No vehicles are permitted on grass, sidewalks, or other park areas not designated as vehicle parking areas unless authorized by Durham Parks and Recreation before the shoot/usage.

    4. Photos or films must not include any park visitors without their prior permission.

    5. A permit does not grant exclusive rights to any area within Durham's Parks. All areas must be open to the public. For exclusive use, please contact the Reservations staff at (919) 560-4355 for a Special Use Permit. 

    6. Photo shoots/usage may not interfere with pedestrian traffic. 

    7. Photography equipment must be properly placed to prevent trip hazards to the general public.

  3. I'm requesting to use the Park/Trail for:
  4. Please add an alternate park/trail location in the event that your first choice is not available.

  5. Company Contact Information
  6. Please provide a detailed description of the project.

  7. Will this interfere with park/trail users?
  8. Indemnity Agreement*

    The above named organization/applicant does hereby indemnify, and hold harmless, the City of Durham and their employees for any and all claims, damages, or losses which may occur as the result of this permit to use the above named City of Durham Park and/or Trail. I have read the terms and conditions on the back of this form, and agree to the conditions stated and attest to the accuracy of the details concerning my usage.

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