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Durham Parks and Recreation - Dog Park Wavier

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  2. Please read through the below statements and check the 'Yes' button to agree with the statements in order to complete the Risk and Release of Liability form. Press submit when all required fields have been completed.

  3. 1.

    Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this release and adherence to dog park rules are conditions of participating in the City of Durham's Dog Park(s) approval, retention, and renewal. Tag(s) may be revoked for noncompliance.

  4. I agree to the above statement.*

  5. 2.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate and use, with my dog(s), designated dog park areas in parks operated by City of Durham. I understand that unleashing my dog and being physically present at a dog park area involves risks of injury to me, any individual accompanying me, other people, my dog(s) and other dog(s), including but not limited to, risks resulting from aggressive dogs, unpredictable behavior, and lack of training.

  6. I agree to the above statement.*

  7. 3.

    I further understand and assume that despite the efforts of the City of Durham to ensure owners have complied, there is a risk that not all dogs present in the dog park are licensed and vaccinated for rabies as required by which could result in injury to a human or dog. Additional risks include, but are not limited to: dog fights; dog bites; theft or unlawful capture; escape over and under fences; vegetation or standing water that may be unhealthy or poisonous if consumed; burrs or seeds that may become lodged in the dogs coat, feet, eyes, nose, or ears; mosquitoes; ticks; chiggers; fleas and other insects; and wildlife typically found in a park such as snakes, raccoons, opossums, etc.

  8. I agree to the above statement.*

  9. 4.

    It is my understanding that use of the dog park is self-directed and not directly supervised by an agent or employee of the City of Durham. I assume all risks associated with using the dog park, including fixtures and equipment, in an unsupervised and self-directed manner.

  10. I agree to the above statement.*

  11. 5.

    By checking the 'I agree' box on this release, I agree to indemnify and save harmless the City of Durham, its agents, officers, and employees and assigns from and against all loss, cost, damages, expense, and liability resulting from my use of the dog park, including death, sickness, injury, and disease to any person or dog, or destruction to property, real or personal, arising directly from my use of the dog park.

  12. I agree to the above statement.*

  13. 6.

    By submitting this application and associated required vet records, I hereby acknowledge that the information provided is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge. I realize that falsification of information may result in revocation of dog park use privileges.

  14. I agree to the above statement.*

  15. 7.

    I have carefully read the Dog Park Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by them. I realize that non-compliance of dog park rules and regulations may result in revocation of dog park use privileges.

  16. I agree to the above statement.*

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    By checking this 'I agree' box, I confirm that I have carefully read this release of liability, and understand, agree with, and accept its terms and conditions.

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