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Walltown Park Recreation Center


  1. Basketball Court
  2. Fitness Center
  3. Horseshoe Pits
  4. Indoor Walking Track
  5. Meeting Rooms
  6. Parking Lot
  7. Restrooms

Walltown Fitness Center

The Walltown Fitness Center is a bright, open space integrated into the second floor which overlooks the basketball court. Treadmills, cycles, and elliptical trainers are available for your cardio workouts. Weight machines and free weights are available for strength workouts. Please bring your own towel.

Indoor Walking Track

The indoor walking track at the Walltown Park Recreation Center is always free. Just check-in at the front desk and let them know you are ready to walk! 15 laps is equal to 1 mile.

Fitness Classes

Walltown Park Recreation Center offers a variety of daytime and evening drop-in fitness classes. Check out the Fitness Class Schedule for a list of our current drop-in fitness classes.


Walltown offers programs from Toddlers up to Mature Adults all year round. Pick up a copy of the Play More Guide at any facility, the administration office or view it online for current programs.

Indoor Rentals

Walltown Park Recreation Center has a variety of rooms available to rent for your next meeting, birthday party, baby shower, etc. Visit the Walltown Park Recreation Center Photo Gallery for a look inside.

For availability, complete a Recreation Center Rental Request Formemail William Price, call 919-560-4296, or visit us at 1308 West Club Boulevard, Durham, NC 27705 during normal business hours. All reservations must be made at least 30 days in advance.

Room Capacity Details
Gymnasium 360 Includes use of bleachers, a retractable stage, scoreboard and gym divider
Mature Adult Center 30
Multipurpose Room 35 Includes use of kitchen space
Dance Studio 15

Rental Fees
Refundable Deposit CR: $200 | NCR: $200 (Required for all rentals)
Application Fee CR: $15 | NCR: $15 (Non Refundable)
Food Fee CR: $25 | NCR: $25 (Assessed when food/beverages are served)
Multipurpose Room CR: $30/hour | NCR: $45/hour
Dance Studio CR: $30/hour | NCR: $45/hour
Mature Adult Center CR: $30/hour | NCR: $45/hour
Gymnasium CR: $60/hour | NCR: $75/hour Fee includes stage and bleachers
($40 floor covering is required for rentals with food - we recommend renters bring warmers when serving food)
Rentals outside of Non-operational hours CR: Add $15/hour | NCR: Add $15/hour
Audio/Visual Support CR: $35 | NCR: $35
Admission Fees or Ticket Sales CR: $200 | NCR: $200
Custodial Fee/Table and Chair set up $25 (1-50 people)
$50 (51-100 people)
$75 (101-150 people)
$100 (151-200 people)*
$125 (201-250 people)*
$150 (251-300 people)*
$175 (300+ people)*
*Rentals of more than 150 people will require rental party to supply their own chairs.

Equipment Available for Rentals

  • 6 foot banquet table - seats approximately 8 people (28 tables)
  • 60 inch round tables - seats approximately 8 people (13 tables)
  • Chairs (150)

Walltown Park

Directly outside of the recreation center is Walltown Park which includes:
  • 3 Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Playground
  • 1 Large outdoor open space/ballfield
  • 3 Horseshoe Pits
  • 1 Small Outdoor Picnic Shelter - visit our Picnic Shelter Rental page for information on how to reserve this shelter