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Northgate Dog Park

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Northgate Dog Park - Closing Permanently October 30, 2023

Northgate Dog Park will close permanently this Fall 2023. Demolition of the fencing is currently scheduled to begin October 30.


The condition of Northgate Dog Park has deteriorated because of its location in the floodway, poor drainage, and high use. These factors have caused persistent muddy conditions throughout its lifespan. In 2014, DPR looked at options to fix these issues, however, the proposed solutions presented more disadvantages to the environment, parks users, and cost, than benefits. It was decided to eventually close Northgate Dog Park and open a new dog park in Northern Durham as an alternative. In 2015, we let the neighborhood know that Northgate Dog Park would eventually be decommissioned once a new dog park opened in Northern Durham.

A New Dog Park within Walking Distance

In the Spring of 2023, we celebrated the opening of Rock Quarry Dog Park, at 701 Stadium Drive. Located within walking distance of Northgate Dog Park, it will serve Northern Durham in the place of Northgate Dog Park. The brand new dog park is nestled in the wooded area along the Rock Quarry Spur Trail, between Edison Johnson Recreation Center and Rock Quarry Park, and is a 0.9 mile walk from Northgate Dog Park via the Ellerbee Creek Trail.

Click for dog park trail map.

Why Now?

To allow for the community to comfortably transition, Northgate Dog Park was not immediately decommissioned when Rock Quarry Dog Park opened and has continued to operate. However, recent storm damage to the fence has warranted DPR’s decision to set a timeline for deconstruction, rather than repair, and closure. This work will begin in October 30, 2023.

What’s Next?

Rock Quarry Dog Park is officially open to the public! The dog park is located along the Rock Quarry Spur Trail in the large wooded area which runs from the parking lot at Edison Johnson Recreation and Aquatic Centers to the parking lot on the north side of the park. It includes separate areas for large and small dogs, and a program area. It features benches, kiosks, parking, waste bag dispenser, and water access. 

The former Northgate Dog Park area will be converted to open greenspace while the best environmental fit for the site is considered. Although the space will close as a dog park, it will remain open and accessible to the public as part of Northgate Park. Converting the dog park back to open space will also improve Ellerbe Creek water quality by removing the muddy conditions and dog park fencing which can form a barrier to floodwaters. DPR will continue to improve the environmental quality and recreation at Northgate park and seek opportunities for volunteer projects and visioning sessions with the community to understand what you want to see at the site in the future. Keep an eye out for future opportunities to get involved!

We understand that access to open space for off-leash play and socialization is so important for your canine companions, and we’re proud to provide these spaces. Including Rock Quarry Dog Park, we operate 4 additional dog parks throughout Durham. You can find more information on here.  We appreciate your patience during this transition and we hope you enjoy the improved amenities and function of Rock Quarry Dog Park.

Please reach out with any questions or comments. You can register your dogs for Rock Quarry Dog Park at

Northgate Dog Park

Northgate Dog Park (located on the north side of Northgate Park, off of Lavender Avenue) features 2 enclosed areas - one for small dogs and one for large dogs, water fountains, waste bag dispensers, benches and a kiosk.

Small Dog Area

  • 15 inches or smaller
  • 30 pounds and under

Large Dog Area

  • 15 inches and taller
  • 30 pounds and over

Dog Park Registration

All dogs must be registered with DPR annually. Visit the Canine Recreation page for details on how to register your pup!