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Campus Hills Pool


CHP Facility Schedule June 17-August 11, 2019 (PDF)


  1. Indoor Pool
Campus Hills Pool will be closed Monday, August 12-Friday, August 30 for maintenance. Maintenance will include draining the pool for painting, deck and window repairs, and ventilation work. 

Please utilize the Edison Johnson Aquatic Center during this time.

Campus Hills Pool

Campus Hills Pool is an 8-lane indoor pool offering a number of water programs including exercise/fitness, swim lessons, swim teams, lap swim, and family swim.

The pool has an aquatic lift to assist patrons who may not have the ability to access the pool via vertical ladders or stair systems.


Drop-in for the day, purchase a punch pass or sign up for a monthly pass. We have a variety of different pass options available to meet your needs.

Recreational Swim

Recreational swim is a time to enjoy unstructured water activities with family and friends.

Lap Swim

During lap, patrons may use the facility’s lane space and/or aquatic devices for their swimming or personal water workouts. The number of lap lanes available will be based on the current program schedule.

In order to maintain a safe swimming environment, facility management may have to periodically limit pool admission until those patrons already admitted have exited.

To learn about the many programs, lessons and events available at the Campus Hills Pool, check out our Play More Guide or browse our online registration system.