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C.M. Herndon Park

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  1. Athletic Field
  2. Baseball / Softball Field - Youth
  3. Field Lights
  4. Greenway / Trail Access
  5. Grill
  6. Picnic Shelter
  7. Picnic Tables
  8. Playground (Ages 2-12)
  9. Restrooms
  10. Soccer Field
  11. Swings - Standard
  12. Trails
  13. Water Fountain

The parking lot at C.M. Herndon Park will be closed for paving on Thursday, October 21. The park is still open for pedestrian access only.

C.M. Herndon Park

This 25.18 acre park has something for everyone!

Field Conversion Project Details
Beginning in early November, C.M. Herndon Park will undergo major renovations in the southwest portion of the site. Renovations will include the conversion of the small turf field into additional parking. This additional parking addresses the parking demand due to the increased use of the park facilities. Also, the park will transform the existing grass multi-purpose fields in the lower portion of the site into a synthetic turf multipurpose field. This item will provide a solution to increase programming capabilities for recreation. There will be a 10-month construction duration into the fall of 2021. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation will be modified during construction to maintain safety and control traffic during this process.

Restrooms Closed
The restrooms at C.M. Herndon Park are currently closed until further notice. Porta potties are available for use during this time.

Picnic Shelter

Visit the picnic shelter rentals page for complete details on renting the shelter at C.M. Herndon Park.

Athletic Rentals

The C.M. Herndon Park Championship Soccer Field is a turf field is available for use 365 days of the year! The field is lined for both soccer and flag football and has field lights. The field is surrounded by a fence, and includes player benches and soccer goals. Visit the athletic rentals page for complete details on renting a field at C.M. Herndon Park.