What if I arrive late to the annual scheduling meeting?

Once numbers are being drawn, no new clients just arriving will be able to enter the room until everyone has drawn a number. After everyone in the room has drawn a number, new clients will be assigned the next number as they arrive. (ex. If 35 clients have drawn, the next person to arrive will be assigned number 36 and so on)

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1. What is the Durham Armory's Annual Reservation Meeting?
2. Where will the Durham Armory scheduling meeting take place?
3. Is there on-site parking available for the meeting?
4. How long will the scheduling meeting take?
5. Can I leave a voicemail or send an email to make a reservation or do I need to be there in person? Do I have to be there in person?
6. Will there be any Saturday's available after the annual scheduled meeting is over?
7. If I am not able to attend, can I send someone in my place?
8. How will Durham Parks and Recreation determine who gets to choose the first date?
9. Can non-registered people attend the meeting?
10. Do I have to pay the day I make the reservation?
11. Can I reserve more than one date when my number is called?
12. How do I select a second date if my dates are nonconsecutive?
13. What if I arrive late to the annual scheduling meeting?