Why is the City doing this project?

Durham prepared and adopted the Aquatics Facilities Master Plan in 2017 to guide development and placement of future aquatics facilities. The sites being studied were identified as underserved due to age or lack of facilities. Long Meadow pool dates from 1963.

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1. Is the City building pools at 3 park sites?
2. Why is the City doing this project?
3. Why did the Wheels Fun Park close?
4. When did this project begin?
5. Who is working on the project besides DPR?
6. Our family prefers rollerskating and go-karts over swimming. We were sad to see Wheels go.
7. Is this project related to Merrick-Moore Park?
8. It is not convenient for me to come to a meeting. How can I learn more or tell you what I want?
9. Is this information available in Spanish?