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March 9, 2020 3:30 PM

City Malware Update: Recovery is Ongoing

After receiving notice of a cyber attack late on Friday March 6, the City of Durham is now in the recovery process.

Fortunately, the City was prepared with notification systems in place that worked as planned, providing immediate notice to City IT staff that enabled a quick response that minimized damage to operating systems.

The City intentionally shut down its phone system and email server to help contain the attack, so there are email and phone disruptions to City Facilities including all Durham Parks and Recreation Facilities.

DPR's website and registration sites are fully functional at this time. Residents can use the DPR registration site to make payments and process registrations.

Please continue to check our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages for updates.

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Latest Update:

March 11, 2020 2:54 PM

Thanks to hard work and long hours by our Technology Solutions staff, our core business systems are now operational. What does that mean for you?

- Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) website and registration sites are fully functional. Residents can use the DPR registration site to make payments and process registrations. Please note our phone lines are still down. Our email system is also still not fully operational. We will provide updates on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

- Durham One Call is now able to take phone calls at (919) 560-1200. You can currently submit an online service request at https://durhamnc.gov/1439/Durham-One-Call or use our free smartphone app in the Apple and Google Play stores, which were never impacted by this event.

- Water Management’s Customer Billing Services at City Hall is operational now, but with limited capacity as employee work stations are restored throughout the day. As a result of limited capacity at this time, customers who do not have urgent business may prefer to call and/or come to City Hall later this week. Customers are also reminded they can submit their water bill payment online at https://durhamnc.gov/1028/Customer-Billing-Services or use the pay-by-phone option, which were never impacted by this event. As a reminder, no water disconnects for non-payment, no late fees, and no penalties will be assessed until this malware attack is fully resolved. Please note that some monthly water bills may be late to arrive as well.

- GoDurham ACCESS Riders: GoDurham ACCESS staff members cannot make or receive phone calls at this time. Customers needing assistance should call (919) 485-7433.

What's Next?
Individual employee phone and email access is methodically coming online as we make our way through the restoration process, which is anticipated to take two weeks or longer. Please note that some delays in response for service from our employees should be anticipated until we are completely restored across the entire organization.

- Because of the nature of this event, our cyber security experts remain highly confident that no personally identifiable information of our residents or our employees was removed from any of the City’s networks.

- Our Emergency Communications Center remained operational throughout this entire ordeal with 911 calls continuing as normal, and the dispatch of police, fire and EMS taking place as needed.

- The durhamnc.gov website, as well as dprplaymore.org, dsc.durhamnc.gov, and parkdurham.org were not impacted and remain fully functional.

Durham, this has been a trying week for us, but we appreciate your patience and understanding as we recover from this cyber malware attack and get back to our normal operations. Crises and disasters – either natural or manmade – will happen and it’s how you plan and respond that makes all the difference. Fortunately, our Technology Solutions team had prepared for just this sort of attack and had the necessary precautions and network protection protocols in place to minimize the damage and protect your personally identifiable information. While this incident has slowed us down, it’s not taken us out – which means we’re recovering steadily, our data remains secure, and we remain committed to serving you. We are also installing even more security software across the enterprise to make us even better prepared to prevent and withstand future attacks.

We’ll continue to post updates as needed, and we invite you to watch our March 9 press conference at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIe5J9DSBKg for more details about the type of malware attack that affected us, and our response and plan moving forward.