Construction Projects and Maintenance

Construction at Park

Construction Projects and Maintenance

Learn about construction projects and maintenance taking place at Durham parks, trails and facilities. Stay up to date with the latest details and information on improvements.

Downtown Durham Rail Trail

The Downtown Durham Rail Trail is an approximately two-mile trail planned for downtown Durham. The trail will connect and provide safe transportation and recreation between the Durham Station and Avondale Drive. This two-mile, 18-acre historic railway corridor travels through the heart of downtown Durham, the Durham Innovation District, the historic Pearl Mill neighborhood, the S. Ellerbe Restoration Project, and through the fringes of the Trinity Park and Duke Park neighborhoods to connect to the E. Trinity Avenue neighborhood and the Avondale Drive business/commercial area. Review the Downtown Durham Rail Trail Fact Sheet for more information including the project schedule and funding as well as a map. Important update regarding the funding gap noted on Fact Sheet - the City received a RAISE grant in late 2021 to reduce the funding gap.

East End Park - Basketball Court Lighting

East End Park will be receiving new athletic court lighting, specifically at the basketball court. Construction is expected to be completed Spring 2023.

Lakeview Park

Lakeview Park will begin construction on various park amenities in late 2022, including installation of a new restroom facility near the playground, updates to the basketball courts, and new ADA accessible sidewalks. 

Lyon Park

Lyon Park is a multi-use community park in West Central Durham situated between West End, Morehead Hill, Forest Hills, and Lakewood Park neighborhoods. The Lyon Park Plan created in 2018 identified a variety of opportunities to add new features and increase positive activity throughout the park. A year-round restroom was opened in 2022. Community engagement opportunities began Summer 2022 and construction is expected to be completed in Fall 2023. For more information, visit the General Services - Lyon Park Renovations page.

Merrick-Moore Park - Shelter Playground

We're excited to move on to the next phase of enhancements at Merrick-Moore Park. This will include a playground, art sculptures, walking trails, and other park amenities scheduled to be complete in 2023.  

Northgate Park

Stormwater infrastructure replacement work will be taking place on W. Club Boulevard between Acadia Street and Farthing Street. Vehicular traffic will periodically be reduced to single lane closures with detours in place. Portions of the sidewalk on the Northgate Park side of W. Club Boulevard will be closed. Construction is expected to be completed October 2022.

Piney Wood Park - Pickleball Court Lighting

MUSCO is upgrading the lighting panel for Piney Wood Park on the soccer and pickleball side at Piney Wood Park.  During the month of June 2023, MUSCO will be upgrading the lighting panels to fit the wattage that is needed to add the lighting system to the existing panels.  This upgrade is necessary in order to add the lights to Piney Wood Pickleball courts.  The lights on the Pickleball courts will be operational after the completion of the entire project. 

*Updated March 2023

Piney Wood Park - Pickleball Courts

Work will begin in Spring 2023 on new pickleball courts at Piney Wood Park. Construction includes repairing cracks in the existing asphalt tennis courts, asphalt overlay, restriping for 12 new pickleball courts, new four-foot-high interior fencing, and new pickleball posts and nets.

A construction contract has been signed with BAR Construction.  They plan to mobilize on site May 22, 2023 with substantial completion of the project scheduled for September 27, 2023.   

Rock Quarry Park - Restrooms Closed

The restrooms at Rock Quarry Park are closed due to underground blockage. While the restrooms are under maintenance, a portable restroom is available for use.

Rock Quarry Park - NEW Dog Park

A new dog park will be located directly off the newly repaved Vietnam Memorial/Rock Quarry Spur Trail between Edison Johnson Recreation Center and Rock Quarry Park. Vegetation removal took place in March 2022. Construction is expected to be completed in Fall 2022.

R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Trail

The R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Trail is an approximately three-mile trail planned for southeastern/eastern Durham. The southern termini is the intersection of Dakota Street and NC/55 Alston Avenue and the northern termini is Drew/Granby Park on Drew Street. The Trail will connect and provide safe transportation and recreation between the existing Rocky Creek Greenway, Elmira Park, N.C. Central University, Burton Park, the McDougald Terrace neighborhood, Burton Elementary School, the R. Kelly Bryant Pedestrian Bridge over NC 147, E. Main Street, Angier Avenue, the Eastway Neighborhood, Eastway Elementary, and Long Meadow and East End Parks. Review the R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Trail Fact Sheet for more information including the project schedule and funding as well as a map.

Snow Hill Park - Soccer Fields 1 & 2

Due to extensive damage to the fields, the Snow Hill Road Park Soccer Fields 1 and 2, located at 619 Snow Hill Road, are closed for maintenance and repair until further notice.

Third Fork Creek Extension Trail

The Third Fork Creek Extension Trail is an approximately two-mile trail planned for southern Durham. The southern termini is the existing Third Fork Creek Trail in Southern Boundaries Park and the northern termini is the existing American Tobacco Trail at the intersection of Fayetteville Street. The Trail will connect and provide safe transportation and recreation between Southern Boundaries Park, Weaver Street Recreation Center, the Weaver Street Neighborhood, the forested corridor between Weaver Street and Fayetteville Street, and businesses and bus stops in the Fayetteville Street employment and commercial corridor. Review the Third Fork Creek Extension Trail Fact Sheet for more information including the project schedule and funding as well as a map.

Trail Repair Project

Repaving of the existing asphalt on various trails throughout Durham began Spring 2022. The trails are being repaved to fix cracking, potholes, and minor drainage issues and add a center dashed line. While under construction, portions of the trails will be closed until complete. Construction is expected to be completed Spring 2023. For additional information about this project, visit the City of Durham Public Works page and check out the 2022-2023 Trail Repair Project Map.

Upcoming Closure:

  • The American Tobacco Trail I-40 Pedestrian Bridge will be closed to apply sealant beginning the evening of June 20 and will remain closed through June 21. It will reopen as normal on the morning of June 22.

Re-opened (some awaiting re-striping):

  • S. Ellerbee Creek Trail, between W. Club Blvd and W. Trinity Ave 
  • W. Ellerbee Creek Trail, between Maryland Ave and Albany St 
  • Ellerbee Creek Trail, between Stadium Dr and Club Blvd
  • Rock Quarry Spur Trail/Vietnam Veteran Living Memorial Trail, between Rock Quarry Park and W. Murray Ave
  • New Hope Creek Trail, between the traffic circle in Old Chapel Hill Road Park and Old Chapel Hill Rd 
  • Rocky Creek Greenway, between American Tobacco Trail and Dakota St 
  • Renaissance Parkway Side path, between NC 741 and Fayetteville Rd
  • Warren Creek Trail, between Horton Rd and Stadium Dr
  • Stadium Dr Trail, between Kirkwood Dr/Kenmore Rd and the Warren Creek Trail in Whippoorwill Park
  • American Tobacco Trail, between Dunhill Dr and Crooked Creek Pkwy 
  • American Tobacco Trail, between E. Cornwallis Rd and Riddle Rd

For additional information on this trail repair project, read our blog post.

Please note, once a portion of the trail is closed for repair, the site is considered an active construction zone and must be avoided due to the dangerous conditions. Interruptions, such as foot traffic and use of the trail, during the repair process will cause delays in reopening the trail. Please be mindful of the barricades and signage, which signify a trail closure. Trail users are encouraged to discover and use other trails during that period of time.

Updated March 30, 2022

Westover Park

The dilapidated Maryland Avenue Bridge in Westover Park is being removed. Removing this closed bridge will improve the overall appearance and safety of the park as well as daylight the stream.

Construction begins May 15 and is expected to be completed by September 2023. During construction, a detour route for West Ellerbee Creek Trail is available. Pay close attention to detour and bike dismount area signs while on the trail.