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Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano

Started in Asheboro in October 2006 as a hobby. A friend had the idea of forming a Mexican folk ballet because of an approaching date: December 12th, a date that celebrates “Our Lady of Guadalupe” in Mexico and Catholic homes, to keep a little of their roots and festivities and from there comes the name. From that day, Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano grew in popularity and its varieties of music, costumes, choreographies, and steps. Currently, the ballet is made up of 7 boys and 14 girls between 8 and 41 years old. Those who make up the ballet practice twice a week for up to 3 hours. Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano, since 2009, has participated annually in “International Festival of Raleigh”, has performed at the “Multicultural Festival of Lexington” for the past 4 years, “Wilmington Azalea Festival”, “Ocracoke Festival” and “Ocracoke Hispanic Festival” these two at Outer Banks in November 2016 and June of 2017 respectively, at the “Festival of the People” in Raleigh and Fiesta in Winston Salem and at different festivals in Virginia Beach. We have led the Mexican culture at school events at Elon University in Burlington, High Point University in High Point, Randleman High School in Randleman, North Asheboro Middle School in Asheboro, as well as at the University of South Carolina. Also, in many other events both public and private and religious by many other parts of North Carolina. Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano is characterized by being traditional in its costumes and its music. Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano enhances the diversity of cultures in North Carolina and enthusiastically takes a little piece of Mexico wherever it is presented. 

Grupo Nublado

Grupo Nublado

The musical group was founded in 2014 in North Carolina with Michoacán and Guerrero descent. The reason for the grouping was established to get together to live with people and brighten up the hard life here in the USA. Also, the music goes with all our heart and affection is returned from the support of our people.

Los Guanajuatenses

Coming Soon!

Los Verastegui

Los Verastegui is a successful Mexican music group formed by singer, songwriter and guitarist Ferdy Verastegui who began his career in the musical field at age 12. The second member, Kendrick Verastegui, in addition to being the second voice of the group, plays bass, tololoche and recently the tuba. Jeff Verastegui is the third member, guitarist and sound and recording engineer. The three brothers were born and raised in Santa Ana California where he began his musical career.


Mariachi Viva Mexico

The Mariachi Viva México NC has its beginnings as a formal group in 2005 in Los Angeles California. The reason for the group is attribute to the concern and vision of its representative Jose Gonzalez, after several years of touring a large part of the state of California exposing, promoting and interpreting with much pride his Mexican music. In 2014, after having passed through some states of America and looking for new horizons, they arrived in North Carolina, where they realized that they greatly appreciated traditional, folk and Mexican folk music. Taking into account that the community (especially the Latin one) received them in the best way, they decided to stay in Raleigh, North Carolina to be able to offer each and every one of their clients the best of their work, making it as professional as possible. The community can count on a Mariachi with a lot of experience and dedication.

Realeza de la Sierra

The musical group was founded in 2009 by five young people with many dreams and eager to conquer the public with their music. Putting the soul and heart in each presentation with two recorded albums and unpublished songs. Some of the musical singles they have presented include "False promises," "False and liar," "I am nothing," "You were my Queen," and "About to go find her." The musical group was also the winner of the 2016 "Battle" with its new success: "I know you didn't do well." The group is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary; This is "Realeza de la Sierra."

Rebelion de Mario Reyes

The musical group Rebelión de Mario Reyes was formed in 2005 by Mario Reyes, a young farmer from Acatlán, México. He shows interest in music and begins to play the guitar and sing with his uncles at age 3. At 16, he writes his first song entitled “María Esther;” during that time, Mario Reyes participates in the contest: "Bacardi Youth Values." Mario Reyes records his first album of ranchera music at age 25, with the label of Discos Novedades, which allowed him to have several presentations in many states of the interior of the Mexican Republic. In 2017, they record their first album with ten songs entitled "Tu Cara Bonita", of which four are compositions by Mario Reyes, and six interpretations. Mario Reyes Rebellion launches the theme "Your Beautiful Face" as a promotion, thanks to the support of the public. The song has been heard on several radio stations in the United States, social networks and digital platforms. Together, it is the first issue that has an official video, which achieves great acceptance and success.

Tarkiri Folclor Latino

Takiri means in the Quechua language: "He who creates music and Dance". The purpose of this group is to show Latin American culture through dances. We dance rhythms from Latin America, especially from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala including Cumbia, Bambuco, Mapale, Merecumbe, and Plena among others. Most of our dances have African, European and indigenous influences. The African influence in the base rhythm, the European heritage in words and costumes and the indigenous heritage in melody and dance. Takiri Folclor Latino is a Latino family in which we share our values through dance. In the group, we have children from 3 years old to adults of 67 years, of different nationalities including Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, United States, and France.

Yanett Laatino

She started singing when she was 9 years old. She participated in a singing contest in Monterrey, Mexico in which he won 2nd place. Her inspiration has been his mother who is also a singer and songwriter who, due to fate, could never realize her dream of a singer. In 1999 she emigrated to the USA looking for a better opportunity for her children. She began to sing with a keyboard player with which a versatile genre was handled. After that, it belonged to the Northern Band "Bandidos de Zacatecas" of North Carolina. He had the opportunity to record the songs "Like a butterfly" and "When you open your eyes". Likewise, it was presented in several stages with several recognized artists and groups.In 2010 she began writing some songs with inspiration about different events of his life. The first was "The Corrido de José Luis" which will come in the second recording of his servant. Then he wrote "Contraband Love." He is now recording his first album entitled "Reality and Feeling." The songs of "Brave Single Mothers", "The Composer of the Race", and "Tell him" will also come.