Youth Basketball

Boys rebounding a free throw ball

Durham Parks and Recreation offers a youth individual league for any players without a team. Youth Basketball Individual League is for youth ages 5-12 who want to compete in organized games against their peers. Each child will be placed on a team which is led by a volunteer coach. Returning players may elect to stay with their coach from last season or to enter the assessment process.

Please note that all participants, including spectators, will be held to the standards listed in our code of conduct.

For information for the Individual League, email Jonathan Ray or call 919-560-4355, ext. 27221

Weather cancellation information: 919-560-4636 Press 9

2021-2022 Youth Basketball Individual League

Practice and Game Schedules
*Hard copies of the practice and game schedules are available for pickup at practice locations

League Information

  • Age Groups: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12
  • November 15, 2021 - February 26, 2022
    • Practices will begin November 15
      • Practices will not take place November 21 - 28, December 12 - January 2 and January 18 - 23
      • Some teams will hold optional Saturday practices on November 20 and/or January 8 – coaches will communicate directly if your team is utilizing one of these dates.
    • Games will begin December 4
  • Practices and Games will be held at Walltown Park Recreation Center, Edison Johnson Recreation Center, the Community Family Life & Recreation Center at Lyon Park, and/or W.D. Hill Recreation Center
  • Coaches will distribute reversible game jerseys to each child which must be worn for each game. Home team wears white, away team wears blue.
  • Parents are to remain at practices and games with their child; if you must leave please do not drop children off more than 10 minutes before practice start times or more than 30 minutes prior to game time. Please be sure to arrive to pick your child up 15 minutes before the scheduled end time for games and practices. Two spectators may attend practices and four may attend games (per child).
  • We do not have staff on hand to supervise children who are not participating in a game or practice. Only children who are registered league participants are allowed on the playing courts. 

Game and Gym Rules

  • Only coaches and registered players are allowed on or around the team bench areas
  • Only coaches and registered players (warming up or participating in a game) are allowed on the court
  • Only coaches may approach the score table, officials, or bench area
  • Shooting or dribbling on the court is not allowed between or during games
  • DPR staff has the ability to remove anyone from the gym or community center who fails to follow DPR policy or league rules; officials have the ability to eject parents who show poor sportsmanship
  • Only players in uniform (jersey, non-marking shoes) will be allowed to participate in games
  • Jewelry is not allowed, plastic or metal beads or clips are not allowed in hair; players must remove these items or will not be able to participate

Athletics Safety Precautions

As always our main goal is to provide our participants with a safe environment to play and have social experiences. Visit our Athletics page to learn more about the safety protocols and modifications that have been put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.