Bimbé at Rock Quarry Park

The Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival has been a long-time tradition in Durham for over 46 years. During the course of its history, it has been held in various locations in Durham. From NCCU to UDI to Downtown Durham to north Durham, Bimbé has and continues to be one of the oldest, well attended African American Festivals in North Carolina.

We are excited to once again host Bimbé at Rock Quarry Park. There are several reasons why Rock Quarry Park is the perfect setting for a festival of this size. With the construction downtown there simply is not enough open space to host a festival for the large number of people scheduled to attend. Historically, the people who attend Bimbé stay for the entire day. While the time participants arrive varies, by the end of the day, we have anywhere from 10,000-15,000 attendees.

We also have the opportunity to showcase one of Durham's largest parks. The park provides enough space to comfortably accommodate a large crowd as attendees can bring their lawn chairs, blankets or simply lay out on the grass while enjoying music, food and fun in a relaxed setting. Free parking is also available.